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Krista Forand, M.Ed.,
Registered Psychologist

Specializing in comprehensive psychoeducational
assessment services for school-aged children,
post-secondary students and adults.


At Compass Psychology, we offer comprehensive psychoeducational assessment in Calgary including learning, ADHD, Autism and the Giftedness assessment of your child.

psychoeducational assessment

If your child is having difficulty with reading, writing or math, then a psychoeducational assessment can determine how best to help them. Adult learning assessment for university or college are also available.

Learning Assessment Calgary

When challenges with focus, time management, organization, or impulsive behaviour cause stress and get in the way of achieving your potential, it may be important to determine the presence of an attention disorder. Attention assessments are available for children and adults.

Psychoeducational Assessment Calgary

Some people have difficulties interacting and relating to others, in addition to challenges with sensory sensitivities, inflexible thinking and narrow interests. Assessments for possible Autism Spectrum Disorder are available for children and adults.

Is your child reading well above their grade level? Do they have a strong understanding of complex concepts and ideas? A psychoeducational assessment for giftedness may be helpful to determine appropriate educational programming. Gifted assessments are available for children and adults.